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KZ Deft, "I want to make a team where other players want to come"

이한빛2018-11-30 02:13

Kim 'Deft' Hyeok-Gyu got the offers from LCK teams as well as LPL teams. He didn't renew the contract and became a FA, and there was a rumor that he might go to China once again. But he chose to transfer to Kingzone Dragon X instead.

KZ, the team where all the starting members left, scouted Deft, Pawn, and Tusin and rebuilt themselves again. During the interview, Deft talked about why he joined KZ. He said he wanted to build the team that other players want to come.

-You were the biggest deal on FA market, and you joined KZ
▶I'm the second oldest one next to Tusin, and I have the longest career. It feels different here: I feel the responsibility. I have to lead the younger ones to make good marks. 

-It is heard that you got offers from several Chinese teams. Why did you choose KZ at the end?
▶Even 30 minutes before signing the contract, I couldn't make the decision. There was a player from each team that had said: "I want to play with you." If I didn't make up my mind, I thought I might hurt their feelings. That part made me some difficulties to decide the team. KZ wanted me and Pawn, and they seemed desperate. I thought Rascal and Cuzz would do well since I know what it feels like to be desperate. I'm confident I can do well with them.

-I think the most desperate one is Pawn
▶Yes, he is. I've been with him for five years, and now is the most desperate moment for him. I decided to believe in that part. He tried his best while he was in EDG and kt, but it seems like he pours out his mind now. He made such a strong appeal to me, saying that he can beat any team. Honestly, there was a difficult time for him when he joined kt, I think he put himself together now. When he does, I think, he can win.

-What are your thoughts about Cuzz and Rascal
▶Cuzz is young and he is a high-ranked player on solo queue. I think a good solo queue player can do well on the competitive games as well. He was the positive factor when deciding to join KZ. Rascal is overshadowed by Khan, but the coaching staffs and players from other teams told me he has some potential.

-After joining KZ, I heard you got the monitor that Pray used
▶Many players favorited some community sites, but Pray favorited Maple Story Archer community. He is ADC in LoL, and it's so funny that he even plays an archer in Maple Story. I thought 'He can't play any other job even in other games.'
-Let's look back the two years you spent in kt. They didn't do well in 2017, but kt own LCK Summer and advanced to the Worlds.
▶There were some trials and errors in 2017, and we realized we needed make some bonds with each other. We tried to work as a team, and it worked this year. We actually trusted each other when we didn't do well early this year. 

-Loken said before the Worlds, iG and kt might win the Worlds. It must be difficult for you to lose to iG during the quarterfinals. 
▶iG defeated us, and they were strong. Before losing, I thought we could win. The coaching staffs wanted to make the game that I can carry. I thought I could carry the game, but I wasn't in my best form. I couldn't appeal what champion I'd like to play during the bans and picks. If I could let my voice out, the game might have turned differently. 

-Coach Reapered talked about meta change during the Worlds
▶The strategies of the winning teams become the meta. If we won, other teams could have followed what we had done. We lost because of the mistakes rather than the bans and picks. The champions they chose were out of our expectations. Now I look back, we must have won the first set. After losing the first game, the shape of the game went wrong. 

-After you joined KZ, What was the reaction of the people around you?
▶My parents always believe I transfer to good teams. For this time, they also said: "you've always made the right choice, so you can do well." My older brother watches LCK, and he thought KZ wasn't the best. He said, "don't say at home; go back and practice."

-Now you've made a pair with Tusin
▶Mata used to give me feedbacks 24/7 last year. I might long for it, but for now, I feel so comfortable. I personally classify players into 'good players' and 'bad players,' and I always have thought he is the good one. I've faced him several times since we play for the bottom lane. I didn't see his weakness; even in the champion pool, laning phase, and team fight. He can do so much better depends on how we work out.
-It is difficult to build a teamwork with new players. Don't you have any regret?
▶I transferred several times, but I always won the trophy at least once. I don't feel uncomfortable with working with new players. It seems rather interesting. 

-It is unavoidable to be compared to 'Prilla(Pray+Gorilla)' since you are in KZ
▶They stayed in KZ for a long time, and they recorded great careers here. To make better careers than 'Prilla,' I must win the Worlds. I don't feel any pressure just because Prilla did well while they were in KZ. I just look forward to winning. 

-Actually, some people say the gaming house and facilities are not so good. What are your thoughts?
▶I heard about it. Practice room and living facilities are in the same building, but we use them separately. It's very wide and it satisfies me. I don't understand why people say so.

-Is there any message from your fan you remember?
▶The next match after losing to EDG was against Mad Team. I thought fans could be disappointed, but they cheered for us. I felt good to be a professional gamer. I also remember the applause fans gave us after winning the third game against iG. The most memorable one is the moment I got MVP after winning the Demacia Cup. The fans were shouting out my game tag. 

-It seems Season 9 will be very fierce. SK Telecom T1 is evaluated as a 'Super Team' and 'Dream Team.'
▶kt Rolster in 2017 was also evaluated as a team with high name value. But we didn't do well. The trust and the amount of practice are more important than name values. More you practice, the better my team will do. It doesn't frighten me just because other teams have made good line-ups. 
-What are your goals for next year?
▶I want to change the image that KZ has. That was one of the reasons why I joined this team. It's true that many players prefer the teams sponsored by major companies. But I want to build the team image of KZ to the team that many players want to join.

Written by Kim 'Kenzi' Yong-woo / kenzi@fomos.co.kr
Translate by Lee 'Mond' Hahnbit / mond@fomos.co.kr

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