The scouting war for Gwak 'BDD' Bosung seems like to start once again

김기자2018-11-23 20:25

On Nov. 23rd, Korean media reported that 'BDD' was in agreement to join KT Rolster. It was half-right since the contract was still in draft. The contract was never fixed, and now KT is in a crisis that the contract might become foundered.

The news about BDD's draft contract was quickly spread through Weibo and Twitter. According to the source, a team of LPL suggested a large amount of money for BDD. One team of LEC is heard to look for the way to contact him. 

Since Son 'Ucal' Uhyeon moved to AFF, the only A-Grade mid-laner left is 'BDD.' KT's contract with BDD was almost upon them, but they might have to start all over again. 

Written by Kim 'Kenzi' Yongwoo / kenzi@fomos.co.kr
Translated by Lee 'Mond' Hahnbit / mond@fomos.co.kr

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