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[interview] 'Froskurinn', "LoL commentator is a fantastic job"

김기자2017-01-31 23:03

- Could you introduce yourself to the Korean fans?
▶ Hi hi! My name is Indiana Black and I'm a color caster for the English broadcast of the LPL. I've been working in league of legends for 4 years, and covered the LPL before it had an official Riot broadcast.
- How did the nick name 'Froskurinn' come to be?
▶ I was planning on moving to Iceland and learning the Icelandic language while I was picking my handle for casting. "Froskurinn" means frog and I was learning animals that week. My name was almost Fiskurinn, which means "fish", but I thought "Frosk" shortened better.
- How did you join the LPL global team? It seems that you have experience working as an analyst before
▶ I started working League of Legends as a content creator and freelance caster. Writing articles, hosting shows, and casting games without compensation - I simply loved League of Legends and the players. Eventually I was discovered by MonteCristo and Thorin and they helped promote my work and helped me get higher profile gigs such as analyst and coaching work for semi and professional western teams.
I had started a cast for the LPL before Riot had an official broadcast and was asked to join their team when the Oceanic office picked it up. Now I work in Sydney with Riot China to help cover and tell the stories of the LPL players.
- How did you feel when you joined the LPL global team? It seems to be difficult to find a female analyst in LoL
▶ I was estatic! So incredibly happy. i am very fortunate in that I got to peruse my dream job and along the way meet incredible people and tell incredible stories. I am the only professional female color caster in the western League of Legends scene. This does make things a bit tricky, but for the most part I don't  notice a difference.
- How do you feel about the fact that you are the most well known foreign caster for the LPL?
▶ I wasn't aware I was! I learned that I am decently popular in China but I didn't think I was popular anywhere else. I'm very cut off from other media because so much of my time is dedicated to watching and studying League of Legends.

- Your joining the casting desk at worlds was a news item and it surprised me personally. You seem to be a very famous caster now.
▶ Joining World's and being able to tell those players story was an honor and I hope to continue working with Riot's international broadcast team. It's the goal of every caster at Riot, but not the final stop. I know I will probably never cast a world Final but I want to continue to get better so that I can better articulate the LPL story and players.
- What is your most memorable moment at worlds?
▶ The best moments at Worlds happen behind the stage, away from the cameras in the back room with all the casters. We watch the games on a couch together while taking notes and getting dressed. The amount of times we tease each other when our regions start to falter, or jump and exclaim when a crazy play happens - it reminds me why we all started doing it in the first place, we simply love League of Legenda.
- What was it like to visit Korea for the 2015 KeSPA Cup?
▶ It's no shocker, but I love Korea. I've been twice, once for Worlds in 2014 and again for KeSPA Cup the following year. The food is amazing.  People laugh at me all the time when I explain that the best Mexican food I've ever had was in South Korea - but everything the country just tastes amazing, not just the Korean BBQ. 
I was very nervous when doing KeSPA cup because of the high expectations that Western LCK fans have for any broadcast with Korean Teams. It puts you in the direct line of fire.
My cocaster and I studied like crazy. We only knew we were doing the event five days before it happened and were tried from our travels at worlds. We wanted to be experts in Korean league in 5 days so we went into montage mode: talking to every Western Korean expert we could, crunching all the stats, watching all the vods. Nonstop. 
I thought we engaged some pretty cool ideas about that tournament, like purposing that GP was the new 2014 Ziggs but better against Baron creeps. i predicted that Lissandra would be a breakout pick because Ryze should be strong and - at the time - she had a lot of tools and cost effienct builds to compete with him. Kindred was brand new on that patch. 
- Perhaps because of your good first impression, many Korean fans want to see you be active in Korea as well. Any thoughts?
▶ I had no idea that Korean fans knew who I was in all honesty. I am friends with a lot of western Korean analysts, and our work overlaps a lot - due to a lot of Korean players leaving for the LPL, but I have limited interaction with fans or either LCK or LPL because my broadcast is so detached and self contained.
I don't get to be with a crowd - in fact, casting at KeSPA Cup was the first time ever that I casted with a crowd. Naturally, they were listening to the Korean casters, but it's still so much more fun with a live audience and riding their excitement in a moment!
- It would be great to see you cast the LCK one da. Would that be possible?
▶ I'd love to cast the LCK one day. It was a very acquired taste; I really enjoy aggressive league of legends - so China fit my pallet. But the longer I study the LCK, the more I appreciate and enjoy the teams. And every analyst should be studying the LCK, regardless of region specialty. 
I miss the KT Arrows and their aggressive and quick style. 
- A couple of Korean players have returned from China to Korea in 2017. What are your thoughts on that?
▶ I got very attached to the Korean players in the LPL. I wish nothing but the best for them and know that they will continue to succeed in whatever endeavors they face. It was an honor to cast the Samsung players for the short time I got to watch, because o for to say that I'm casting some of the best players in the world.
In fact, a lot of fans disagreed with me when I called Deft the best ADC in the world when he was playing in China, now it doesn't seem too extreme, but I copped a lot of flack for the comments. But I truly believe it.
And the thing is, usually outside Korea, you don't get to cast the best players in their role - majority of them are Korean and in the LCK, so for me to feel that I was lucky enough to cast the best marksmen in the world - it's amazing.
- Of the Korean players than have gone over to the LPL this season, who are some to look out for?
▶ Duke has a great first series where he solo killed a Nautilus as Maokai at level 4. Fans didn't get why we at the English broadcast thought that was so impressive because the tank battles in top are pretty boring and there were flashier plays than what Duke did - but that's a Nautilus winning matchup, he has push priority and the fact that Duke also was the first to fake the red jungle start with a ghost leash in the LPL, THEN kill his opponent in a counter matchup - guy is crazy good!
No surprises though being a world champion hahah. For the more subtle and unrefined Koreans joint the LPL: Clid on QG shows a ton of promise to follow in the style of Swift and Kakao.
- Who do you predict to win the LPL 2017 spring split?
▶ EDG or WE; their series was incredibly close. Dark horse to QG or IM. 
- What kind of caster do you aim to be?
▶ My specialty is narrative or telling the players story. If I go deep into an analytical point, maybe 10% of my audience will really understand, but if I explain who this player is and why it matters what they achieved or didn't - 100% of my audience will understand that. And ultimately, every champion has four buttons an they should get pushed in a similar fashion, but what defines players are the tendencies of how they push them, what they look for. I care about what makes players unique rather than what makes the game unique. 
- What are your dreams for the future?
▶ To continue to grow, learn, and enjoy my career. I have one of the most fantastic jobs in the world and I just hope to enjoy life.
- If you have any last thoughts, please share them.
▶ Thank you so much to everyone that took the time to read this - I greatly appreciate it. Go KT!

*Photo=一村, LPL. Riotgames.

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