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'Bisu' the 'DingDong' door bell interview
2011년 06월 03일 20시 02분

[Fomos Daniel Lee]

Q: Hello we are here on a house visit, can you briefly introduce yourself?
A: That’s the hardest part of the interview. These days I am practicing hard for the new round, I am KimTaekYong’Bisu’ who is gradually transforming into an adult. What the heck, did I just say that? LOL. Anyway, This interview is different than what I’m accustomed to and I want to do it well.

Q: How do you feel about the ‘DingDong’ interview
A: I never thought that I would be doing it. I was surprised by the fact that ‘Tempest’ chose me for this interview. I didn’t think I’d be an appropriate person for this LOL. In my own right I play frequently, and also win a lot, so I thought to myself “this interview isn’t for me?”, I got chosen but didn’t think I would actually be asked to do this. I never thought that you’d be visiting me so soon hahaha. Aha, but ‘Tempest’ said some nice things about me, so I felt good in a way.

Q: I think we should first start by asking you, ‘Tempest’s question, which is more like a request than a question. “These days you are on a great momentum, knocking out everyone, how did you become so good, and how did you maintain your skills for so many years, I want to know how you did it.”
A: I don’t have much to say other than the fact that I just practiced a lot, as a rookie and also as a veteran. I might not practice as much as my early years, but still practice a lot. 2nd reason is, my teammates helps me out a lot? Our protoss users are exceptional players. When I was at the MBCgame team I relied on my senses to play games, but here I’ve learned a lot about game concepts. I will go as far as even saying that, I’ve learned everything I need to learn in terms of protoss builds from ‘Best’ and Coach GwanOhHyuk. Joining the T1 team definitely was a turning point for me as a gamer. Also you should watch a lot of VODs and analyze them. You should join our team haha. I’m not joking, without a doubt any protoss that joins our team will excel, that’s how much pride I have of our protoss line. Even though some of them haven’t shown their full potential on TV games, they are really good in practice. We don’t fall short at all when it comes to our protoss line, and I have much confidence in them. I think that’s why I do well on TV games.

Q: You seem to have a great pride in your team’s protoss line, what about younger players? I’m sure there is much to say about ‘Best’, how about ‘Paralyze’, and ‘By.Sun’? it seems they would need to improve.
A: They are all good haha. To be honest ‘Paralyze’ needs to work on some things, he has much to learn, I think his shortcomings shows well in his tv games. He plays like that in practice as well. ‘By.Sun’ is a fast learner. He takes everything I say to him to heart, and has a good understanding of it. He also does well in the team ranking leagues. If he practices little bit harder, I’m sure he will play better games on tv.

Q: ‘Hyuk’, and ‘Best’ already did the doorbell interview, have you read it? Any thoughts on it?
A: I don’t remember it well because it was such a long time ago haha. ‘Hyuk’ and I were roommates so when he did the door bell interview I already knew about what was on his mind, I was able to relate to his answers. However when ‘Best’ did the door bell interview it was at a time when he was doing horrible, the timing of the interview was bad because his slump only lasted for a short period, and that’s when they did the interview. He is practicing very hard again these days, and he has great fundamentals and he knows how to win, once he wins a game I know he will carry on the momentum. He’s been doing well lately too.

Q: Like you said, unlike the previous doorbell interviewed players, you are exceptionally doing well. You also have the most overall wins in the league. Is there any special reason? Have you received too many questions like this one?
A:I think I get those questions because I usually did bad in the proleagues, and during the 08-09 league I did well all of sudden. Now days because of that I don’t get questions like that anymore lol. I think I am doing well because I know how to win. There is no special reason other than the fact that I am practicing a lot. It’s a fortunate thing that I’ve become a strong player this season. There was something very difficult about last year.

Q: On the other hand you haven’t done too well in the individual leagues for two years, I have to ask you about this.
A: It’s all my fault. I don’t think I had enough will power. Not yet. I think that’s why I did terrible in the individual leagues.

Q: Do you have a different mind setting for individual leagues, and proleagues? Does it feel different? What’s the difference?
A: In the individual leagues, things just wouldn’t work out for me. Thinking back, I think I experimented too much, and lost my chances. Like the time when I played against ‘Sea’ in the top 16 I shouldn’t have used carriers ^^. I realized much later that I had the upper hand in the game, and thought that it would’ve been better to use an arbiter. Also last year I can remember throwing away a game against ‘Shine’, in my recent games against ‘Stork’ and ‘Flash’ were also very disappointing. I think I lacked in skill so I want to raise the skill level, the most important factor was, I had weak will power, and I feel much remorse.

Q: While back you were simultaneously doing bad in both individual leagues, and team leagues, how did you overcome that? Can you give some tips to your peers who are going through a rough period right now?
A: I never did all that well in the proleagues lol. In the 08-09 season, for a short while I excelled in both leagues. There wasn’t a special reason for it, I think I rediscovered how fun the game was. IN retrospect I think I did best when I actually enjoyed playing the game.

Q: You must be having fun these days? It’s evidently clear that you are having fun if you look at the proleague results.
A: I’m having a ball, whereas last year was so boring, probably because I wasn’t performing well lol. I think when you play at a certain level, your performance heavily relies on how much you enjoy the game. You are asking me about how to be a good player all the time, I can’t articulate it. As I play my game I feel, and think. I don’t think I’d make a good coach lol. I follow my instincts when I play, so I have to play a lot to form good instincts. You have to prepare for all kinds of situations, I’m a forgetful person so I tend to make memos as I practice. I wish I could tell everyone how to become a good player, but being a person that I am, I couldn’t tell you what to do. I think I’ve said everything when I say I’ve learned about all the protoss builds once I got to this team. LOL.

Q: I think your last in-depth interview was for the new year special, I think this is your first one on one interview since then. I bet it feels different than the post-game interviews.
A: At the post-game interviews often times I don’t have anything to say. Sometimes I think it’s better that I don’t do interviews when I win easily or when the game gets over quickly. Don’t you think it’s better to pick a MVP player and just interview him? I think only one person should do  interviews after games are over. HaHa. If a player performs well and yet he doesn’t get the opportunity to do an interview maybe he should be interviewed individually at a later time.

Q: I don’t think you’ve had the chance to really open up, if you could describe yourself in one word?
A: This is hard….^^. I’m not a fun guy. I am boring, lonely person? Lol. Since I’m an active player right now, there isn’t anything special out there that I feel. If I wasn’t performing or if I was facing retirement I would have tons of things to say, I don’t want to disclose my inner thoughts as of yet in an interview. Right now I’m just a person that has a job as a progamer, so I don’t have much to say.  Also I am too young to talk about once upon a time stories. I think there will be a proper time in the future when I get older. I want to keep my thoughts to myself until then.

Q: Do you have any hobbies? What do you normally do in your idle hours.
A: I told you I’m not a fun person haha. I am always at the team center. On the days off I get up, check my phone, work out, watch tv and surf the internet for little bit, things like that, and then I go to bed early. I don’t have a girl friend so I don’t have anywhere to go lol. I don’t like to go out, I don’t like big crowds so usually I just stay put.
Q: Are you good in other games? Many players seem to enjoy playing console games ‘Winning Eleven or ‘Tekken’.

A: I can’t play any other games. Long time ago I tried playing an online game once. This is before becoming a progamer, I tried ‘Lineage’, and ‘fortress’. Recently when I had time to go home I played sudden attack, but I realized it’s not for me. I lost every game LOL. I think any games besides starcraft are all boring.

Q: Does that mean you have no talent for other games?
A: No, if I practice I can be good. I was good at fortress long time ago LOL.

Q: Talking about hobbies, your friendship with idol group member ‘Super Juniors’ Gyu Hyun was in the news. Could you tell us about how you got to know him?
A: I got to know him because of commentator ‘Shark’. I was introduced to him 3 years ago. They were drinking together and I received a call from him to come out. At first I didn’t believe him so asked him to hand over the phone to him so I could talk to him, it was Gyu Hyun’s voice on the phone. Well I went out, still not convinced, but to my dismay he was really there haha. It turns out he knows, and likes starcraft a lot. That was 2007 March 3rd, at that time he told me he liked my rival and didn’t like me lol. However when you actually meet someone, even bad feelings transforms to good feelings, anyway since that time I think he thinks of me as an all right guy.

Q: So it was because of the well connected ‘Shark’. Do you keep in touch with Gyu Hyun?
A: There isn’t much I’ve done for him and yet, he gives me his concert tickets, and when I told him I liked ‘girl’s generation’s(idol group) Jessica, he took me to her ‘Legally Blonde’ musical. I got to shake her hand and I was so happy lol. I am really thankful for his kindness. I want to reciprocate the kindness by inviting him to a finals game but can’t because I’m not in it…. haha.
I invited him to the Winner’s league finals and he planned on coming, but he got into a car accident the night before. I was shocked and called him immediately, he told me he has to recover from the accident. He still called me before the finals and told me to do well, told me to win. I gained strength from his support and I think that’s why I won. And a rock star PakwanGyu showing up at the finals was really neat haha.

Q: Did you realize he was your fan on that night?
A: I saw him on the tv program ‘radio star’ saying that he watches starcraft to bond with his son, I wondered at the time whether he knows me, little did I know he was a starcraft fanatic lol.

Q: You don’t seem like the most sociable person in the world, you are a shy person it seems. Because of your personality you are still little bit awkward with Jaedong right? Many fans wish for you two to become friends.
A: I lack social skills. It’s hard for me to get friendly with people. I rarely speak first, on top of that never had the opportunity to get close to Jaedong. Sometimes I get to practice with him when the coaching staff makes the arrangements. We still have a hard time calling each other by names. It’s harder because we are the same age haha. I bonded with ‘Stork’ Hyung(older friend) and ‘Flash(younger friend) quickly. I think it’s because we just didn’t have the opportunity to get close, that’s all.

Q: So is ‘Stork’ one of your closest friends?
A: There isn’t anyone else really from other teams. I haven’t seen ‘Stork’ Hyung in a while either. I am close to MBC game team players. I often say to ‘Flash’ let’s go out and eat, but I’ve been bad about calling, and haven’t seen him off line. Although he is a Dongseng(younger friend) he always says he will buy me food, I am thankful for that haha.

Q: You’ve stated that you don’t have a girlfriend. You must’ve dated before. What types of girls do you like?
A: Don’t have a type, I think I’ve always liked cute looking girls. Umm..Yea.. I like cute looking girls, and girls with cute personalities I think. Also a girl that is an understanding person? Due to my job, often times I wouldn’t be able to go on a date on weekends like normal people. It’d be nice if she could understand that. Before I had little time to go out after practice, but these days because of the rough competition we finish practice at 1:00 A.M. I have no time to go out.

Q: It appears you hairstyle is changing a lot these days, also your earrings are conspicuous, how much time do you spend on your hair or style?
A: I don’t get to change my hairstyle as I wish. Lately my designer's been cutting off a lot of my hair haha. I want to change my hair style a lot, but I have sensitive hair so I can’t. I’ve always worn earrings, and I do like accessories. I go to a skin clinic and it’s getting better. I want to wear cool clothes, but don’t know where to go, so I just buy it from on line. I have much interest in fashion and hair.

Q: Not too long ago ‘Horang2’ gave us some advice on fashion, could you also give us some fashion tips?
A: I don’t know about things like that lol. Why are you asking me of this lol. I guess what ‘Horang2’ recommended, maybe a white shirt and a pair of jeans, well.. it should look good on a person. I don’t look good in that. I have unnecessary fat I need to cover up lol.

to be continued~~


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Bisu interviews are nice but please tighten up on the grammer and the misspellings... "prooss"???
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Translation sucks
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